Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mom's Home! Maybe Life Will Be Back To Normal

Well, after a four month recovery from two hip surgeries my mother is back in her home with some help. It is good to have her home and close so family can keep a watchful eye on her!
I have been busy running for her but I'm not complaining I woud do anything for her. I will enjoy my extra time at home though doing the things I like best papercrafting and sewing!
I have made some cards that I will be posting and I have also have some sewing projects that I will be sharing.
I have to tell you that I have had an interesting week with E-Bay and Pay-Pal. I will not be purchasing anything big over e-bay again! My mother-in-law and I were looking at longarm sewing machines for quilting and I happened to go on e-bay and there we found one for a reasonable price so we placed a bid and got the machine. We went to pay and the purchasing amount was to high and pay-pal would not let the payment go through without our banking information they said so we gave them that information and it still would not go through. Then they told us that it was to much money for such a new account so after a week of stress and worry we finally sent the seller a cashier check and he will have his payment on Monday then we will get our machine! So buyers beware that when you purchase something big Pay-Pal might not let your payment go through.
I will be posting pictures of my recent project later today I hope!
Take Care,

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