Saturday, April 30, 2011

Live These Days

Well, I hoping my live gets a little back to normal now. My mom fell in February and has now had to surgeries to fix it. She has been in and out of the hospital and is currently in the nursing home. She was having problems with fluid and the blood counts which is not good since she has congestive heart failure. So will all this going on I haven't been home long enough to do any paper crafting. I really miss it, but I hope full that things will turn around for her and I can be home more to do what I love to do!


  1. Lisa, my prayers for you, your mom and your family. I went through just about the same situation 4 years ago with my Dad and its devastating when they get this sick. Hope she gets well real soon. Just remember to rest youself so you don't fall ill as well. Stress can play havoc on you. Stay well.

  2. Thanks Terry M. for your kind words

  3. I hope your mom is doing better. Its so hard when family gets ill. I have a mom who is in a nursing home she has huntingtons. All you can do is take it day to day and trust god that things will get better. And make sure you do take a little time for yourself. Even if its just 30 mins. Take care