Sunday, December 26, 2010

Elnor DeBoer Family Cookbook

My other big project this year was making a cookbook for my mother to give to my siblings and her grandchildren. She hand wrote her favorite recipes from June to October then she gave them to me to make a cookbook to give to my brothers and some of her friends for Christmas.
I wanted the cookbooks in her hand writing so I scanned the recipes in and then tried my luck at digital scrapbooking them to make a book that would be cherished for generations to come. A long with her favorite recipes there are helpful hints and family facts so the younger generation know the family history.
The digital images I used were from Jessica Sprague and LivEdesigns. I love their stuff and it was fun putting things together to make the pages! At the end it was getting a little bit stressful due to running out of time! I had the copies printed at the local printing shop then I finished them by putting the tabs and labeling the different sections of the book.
Mom was very happy and so was I with the results!!!

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